great job, until i came out!

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i never knew i would have to go through almost two years' of humiliation, mobbing, extreme depression and a lost of self-esteem once i casually mentioned that i'd be bringing my 'partner' to the company's year-end function. never shall the twain meet, right? so right in so many ways. i had been working at one of the largest global pharmaceuticals in the world, had a lot of responsibilities, enjoyed going to work every day, made sure my co-workers, team members and those reporting to me globally always had an open channel of communication should problems pop up. my personal life - and the discussion about it - was always limited to what the children had been up to over the weekend, good books i had recently read, my progress in training a stray dog. everyone was happy, everyone could relate to the 'normal' way of life of one of the company's most valued employees.

then it suddenly changed.

we were told that the company was planning a year-end function, where everyone was supposed to bring their wives, girl friends, picked-up dates, whatever. when i cautiously enquired about bringing my partner, a quiet descended on the discussion. all due to the new boss - who didn't like me from day one. she called me to the side and informed me that since other employees would be bringing their children, she found the 'confrontation' such a topic would cause, would not be beneficial to anyone, especially those working in her team/department. since the department's employees came from different ethnical, cultural and religious backgrounds, she did not want to cause a 'stir'. i should rather consider bringing one of my 'female' friends.

since that discussion...

my role within the department and organisation was reduced to nothing more that a data capturer - keeping excel spreadsheets up-to-date. i was excluded from meetings, which i normally had with my counterparts across global boundaries, and was told to rather consider seeking an alternative position, since i did not 'fit' the requirements for my prominent role within the department and organisation.

"not wanting to be bulldozed into such a situation"

not wanting to be bulldozed into such a situation, i contacted the hr department, my employee representative, everyone i could think of, but to no avail. within two years i was 'retrenched' due to 'the change in the global economic environment' - for a company making more than 5 billion dollars sales per year.

reluctantly i accepted the terms and conditions, but due to the mobbing, snide remarks and no support, i experienced a complete burn-out - from which i am slowly recovering.

i am wondering if i would still have a job, had i just kept my mouth shut?