16 and gay

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i am a 16-year old gay teenager, living in a small town not to far from a big city in the usa. i play sports and am actually very good at what i do. the only problem is, how will me teammates react when i tell them i am gay? not even my parents, friends, buddies or anyone else for that matter knows about my secret.

such things are a taboo at dinner table, jokes are made about queers and all the other degrading labelling on 'softies' in school. there is no one i can talk to about this. what shall i do? i would like to join a community where i would be able to get support or at least someone to listen to me, but in this small town, the only 'trustworthy' person was the local priest. he's known me for most of my life, and i know his views about being gay. at the moment i am mostly searching online sites, but the responses i get, are of a more explicit nature and i am not ready for that. i am just a normal 16-year old footballer looking for an answer. and my time is running out. i need answers and have found a few on here. i will send a private message through this contact page, perhaps i'll be able to at least given information about support groups or counsellors in the area.